Privacy Policy

Effective Date: November 17, 2023

Last Updated: November 17, 2023

Gifty Experiences, Inc. ("Bondly", "we", "us", or "our") solemnly pledges its commitment to the principle of transparency. We endeavor to ensure your comprehensive understanding of our practices pertinent to the collection, usage, dissemination, and protection of your personal information. Moreover, we furnish you with avenues to exert control over your personal data within our purview. This Privacy Policy is applicable to your engagement with us, encompassing your usage of our website (, as well as our suite of products, services, or functionalities, accessible both online and offline (hereafter collectively designated as "Services").

By engaging with our Services, you hereby acknowledge and consent to the terms delineated within this Privacy Policy. Should the terms of this Privacy Policy not align with your approval, you are enjoined from utilizing our Services. If clarity regarding this Privacy Policy eludes you, or if you entertain any queries therein, we invite you to initiate correspondence with us at prior to the inception or continuation of the use of our Services.

We reserve the unilateral right to institute modifications to our Privacy Policy periodically, which will be promulgated through updates to this document. In the event that amendments are adopted, the "Last Updated" date, as exhibited atop this Privacy Policy, shall be contemporaneously revised to reflect such changes. Substantive alterations to this Privacy Policy will be communicated to you via a conspicuous notice on our website, through electronic mail, or by both such methods. We may also elect to emphasize such modifications at the preamble of this Privacy Policy and sustain a salient link thereto for a reasonable duration post-amendment. Continuation of your use of our Services subsequent to such notified revisions will be interpreted as your acceptance of the amended Privacy Policy.


In the course of providing our Services, Bondly systematically gathers various types of information, which are classified as Personal Information and Non-Personal Information.

Personal Information is data that is personally identifiable to you or can be directly associated with you. We meticulously collect the following categories of Personal Information based upon your interactions with our Services and the devices you utilize:

  • Contact Information: This encompasses data such as your name, postal address, email address, and telephone number, among other similar contact details.
  • Demographic Information: Information such as your date of birth, gender, job title, employer, and professional background.
  • Profile Details: This includes, but is not limited to, profile pictures, position, company affiliation, and any other related personal branding elements.
  • Device Information: Details like IP addresses, browser specifics including type and version, plug-in types and versions, as well as the operating system, platform, and unique device identifiers.
  • Financial Information: Credit and debit card numbers, along with other financial data, which are imperative to process payments for Services rendered.
  • Geolocation Information: Derived from IP addresses to ascertain geographic location.
  • Gift Recipient Information: For the facilitation of gift services, we accrue information regarding the recipient, such as their name, postal address, email, and phone number.
  • Gift Messages: Messages attached to gifts may be collected. We caution against the inclusion of sensitive data within such messages as they could be exposed to third-party viewing.

Non-Personal Information refers to data that is not personally identifiable or has been rendered anonymous. In instances where Non-Personal Information is amalgamated with Personal Information, the aggregated dataset is treated as Personal Information under this policy.

Your refusal to supply Personal Information may inhibit your ability to fully engage with our Services or could result in a failure to obtain responses or information pertinent to your inquiries or interests. We reserve the right to require a minimum amount of Personal Information as a condition for using our Services, which is essential for the fulfillment of the Services and the enhancement of user experience.


In our capacity as a provider of Services, it is imperative that We accrue Personal Information from you. The procurement of such data is essential not only for the provision of our Services but also to refine and enhance your user experience. Personal Information may be solicited and collected through the following modalities:

  • Direct Interactions: When you access our website, engage with our Services, establish an account or membership, or participate in our programs.
  • Communication: Through your correspondence with us, which may include surveys, promotions, customer service inquiries, and requests for assistance.
  • Consent-Based Engagements: By subscribing to our newsletters or promotional materials.
  • General Transactions: Through any form of interaction with us, whether digital or physical, in connection with our Services.

Cookies and Similar Technologies:

Our digital platforms employ "cookies" and analogous tracking technologies to accumulate data concerning your preferences and navigation patterns when you visit our online properties. This information is instrumental for our analytical endeavors, leading to the optimization of your browsing experience. Additionally, such data aids in managing your session on our platforms.

You retain the discretion to configure your browser or device to reject all cookies, or to signal the dispatch of a cookie. Should you remove or opt out of cookies, or configure your browser or device to decline these technologies, be advised that certain Services may not function as intended.

User Profiles

Upon registering an account with Bondly, you may opt to construct a "User Profile," which could necessitate the provision of information such as username, name, email address, and phone number. The creation of a User Profile is not obligatory. Your email address and phone number shall remain confidential, subject to your decision on the public visibility of your username.

Online Tools and Analytics

We employ a myriad of analytical instruments, including services like Google Maps and Google Analytics. Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"), implements cookies or other tracking mechanisms to assist in analyzing user interaction with our platforms, compiling activity reports, and delivering other services related to website and app usage. The data collected by Google Analytics, which includes IP addresses and visitation details, is managed in accordance with Google's privacy practices.

Acquisition from External Sources:

We may also source Personal Information from external entities such as our partners, third-party service providers, or from direct offline interactions with you. This collection is intended to corroborate or augment our records, thereby facilitating a personalized service offering.

Social Media Integration

Our Services may intermittently feature integration with social media platforms. Should you elect to connect with us via a social media service (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), we may collect supplementary information from you. Note that these social media services may also gather data independently, and we advocate for your review of their privacy practices prior to engagement.

Participation in Surveys

Occasionally, you may be afforded the opportunity to partake in surveys, subject to your explicit consent where mandated by law. Participation is strictly voluntary. In the event of your participation, we may request specific Personal Information, which could be shared with third-party sponsors of such surveys. We urge you to examine the privacy policies of any third-party sponsors, as surveys may be subject to distinct rules and conditions that operate in conjunction with this Privacy Policy. Your involvement in any surveys implies acceptance of such terms, which may include receiving survey-related communications.


We reserve the right to employ Personal Information for the following purposes, which are not exclusive but indicative of the spectrum of our operations

  • Service Provision: To deliver the Services and features you have solicited.
  • Interaction Facilitation: To streamline your interactions and transactions with us.
  • Communication Response: To address your queries, communications, proposals, comments, and other forms of engagement, inclusive of feedback regarding our Services.
  • Account Management: To administer our contractual relationship with you, which encompasses account creation and management.
  • Service Enhancement: To maintain and elevate the quality of our [Services].
  • Performance Analysis: To evaluate the efficacy and performance of our [Services].
  • Innovation: To develop novel products, attributes, and [Services].
  • Customer Understanding: To gain insights into customer preferences.
  • Personalization: To tailor [Services], content, and advertising to your preferences.
  • Marketing: To provide and enhance the delivery of pertinent marketing propositions, whether from us or selected third parties.
  • Survey and Promotion Engagement: To enable your involvement in our surveys and promotional activities.
  • Legal Compliance and Response: To comply with legally mandated requests from law enforcement, regulatory bodies, or other statutory entities.
  • Rights Protection: To safeguard, assert, and preserve our legal rights, including but not limited to, enforcing our Terms of Service or fulfilling our legal or contractual responsibilities.
  • Fraud Prevention: To deter, prevent, and address fraud or its recurrence.
  • Emergency Assistance: To provide aid in emergent situations.
  • Lawful Adherence: To ensure compliance with prevailing legal obligations.

Furthermore, your Personal Information, as accumulated across varied platforms including our Services, may be synthesized into a comprehensive customer profile, which will be utilized in accordance with the objectives delineated above.

We may retain Personal Information for a duration necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined herein, including for backup, archival, accounting, and/or audit purposes.

Personal Information may be transformed into Non-Personal Information and utilized for any bona fide business purpose as permitted by law.


We are steadfast in our commitment to safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of your personal information. To this end, we implement robust protocols to ensure the secure transmission of your personal information from your devices to our servers. Our procedures encompass the storage of personal information within secure operational environments. As part of our security framework, we may, from time to time, necessitate proof of identity prior to the disclosure of personal information to authenticate the rightful owner of said data.

While we employ stringent measures to shield personal information in our custody, it is incumbent upon us to inform you that the infallibility of data transmission over the Internet, or any public network, cannot be unequivocally guaranteed. As such, we implore you to immediately report any suspicion of unauthorized access or breaches of security involving your personal information to us at Our team is prepared to take swift action to address any such incidents in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and industry best practices.


We observe strict discretion in the sharing of Personal Information, which is confined to the parameters explicitly outlined within this Privacy Policy. Save for such stipulated disclosures, your Personal Information remains inaccessible to external entities, barring our affiliates, partners, and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, consultants, advisors, or other representatives who are bound by confidentiality obligations. The sharing of Personal Information is permissible with our third-party service providers, suppliers, vendors, and business partners, strictly to facilitate:

  • Execution of tasks as enumerated in the 'Utilization of Personal Information' section of this Privacy Policy.
  • Operation, management, and enhancement of our Services, inclusive of research and analytical pursuits.
  • Implementation of our marketing initiatives, including the delivery of tailored promotional communications regarding prospective products and services-a practice from which you retain the right to opt-out
  • Adherence to your explicit directives or the consents you have extended to us. Further, we may disclose Personal Information to law enforcement, regulatory bodies, or other third parties within the bounds of legal or regulatory mandates for purposes such as:
    • Responding to judicial orders, subpoenas, or other legal processes
    • Defending, asserting, or safeguarding our legal rights
    • Providing assistance during emergencies
    • Complying with the exigencies of applicable legislation.

In the event of corporate transactions including, but not limited to, acquisitions, mergers, consolidations, changes in control, asset transfers, bankruptcies, reorganizations, or liquidations, your Personal Information may be transferred or assigned to third parties.

In legal contexts, particularly where Bondly is engaged in defending against a legal claim, we reserve the right to disclose Personal Information pertinent to the claim to relevant third parties in connection with corresponding legal proceedings.

Non-Personal Information may be shared with third parties to the extent deemed reasonably necessary to fulfill our legitimate business operations and objectives.


Our Services are not designed for, and do not intentionally target or solicit to, children under the age of thirteen (13). In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we do not knowingly amass personal information from individuals who have not attained the age of thirteen (13) years. Should any child under this age threshold inadvertently provide us with personal information, we implore guardians or custodians to immediately initiate contact with us at to ensure the prompt rectification of such an occurrence.


In accordance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), we maintain a policy of not disclosing personal information to third parties for their independent direct marketing uses without obtaining the explicit consent of the concerned individuals. Residents of California who are minors under the age of eighteen (18) years and have registered as users of our Services, may, under certain stipulated conditions, request the removal of their own posted content or personal information. It is, however, important to acknowledge that such a removal process may not ensure the complete or comprehensive deletion of the content originally posted on our Services. Requests in relation to the rights granted under the privacy laws of California may be submitted via communication to


We acknowledge and uphold your autonomy regarding your personal information within the ambit of our Services.

Right to Access Personal Information:

You are entitled to solicit access to your personal information that is in our possession, subject to our data use and disclosure practices. Exercising this right shall not result in any discriminatory repercussions. Requests for access can be initiated via

Right to Deletion of Personal Information:

You are afforded the right to demand the erasure of your personal information, with certain statutory exceptions. Upon verification of such requests, we will execute the deletion directive across our systems and mandate similar compliance from our partners and service providers, barring legal exceptions. The exercise of this right is insulated from discrimination. For deletion requests, or to appoint a representative for this purpose, communicate with

Right to Amend Personal Information:

The precision of your personal information within our records is of essence. For modifications or corrections, direct your request to

Email Communications and Direct Marketing Opt-Out:

Should you opt to receive email correspondence from us pertaining to our Services, you reserve the right to discontinue marketing emails at any juncture by adhering to the opt-out instructions provided within the emails. Operational emails essential to our Services will persist despite such opt-out, where legally permissible.

Text Message Communications Opt-Out:

You may choose to receive specific text communications related to our Services. Opting out of such messages is possible at any point by following the provided message instructions or by replying with "STOP".

Cookie and Beacon Settings:

To curtail information accrual via cookies or beacons, you may adjust your device's or browser's settings, including the option to reject all cookies. Additionally, extensions that perform similar functions may be installed. Be advised, this could impact the functionality of certain Services, and the content presented may not align with your preferences.

Network Advertising Initiative Opt-Out:

For reducing targeted advertising exposure, you may opt out from specific network advertising entities via the NAI Opt-Out Page. Opting out will not cease advertising during your online activity but can result in less pertinent advertisements. For further details or to opt out from certain online behavioral advertising, visit

The NAI Opt-Out Page also offers a utility to inspect and adjust interest categories inferred from your online browsing patterns, influencing the targeted advertisements you might receive.

Do Not Track Settings:

Certain devices and browsers enable a "Do Not Track" feature; setting this preference is intended to signal your dissent to tracking by websites or online services across the internet. We do not alter our Services' operational behavior upon detecting such signals and cannot govern third-party websites or services' reactions to them. For third-party privacy practices, refer to their respective privacy policies.


Our digital properties, including websites and Services, may furnish links to external websites or applications operated by third parties. We hereby clarify that the privacy practices delineated in our Privacy Policy are not applicable to any personal data collected through such third-party platforms. Our influence does not extend to, nor do we assume any responsibility for, the privacy actions or policies implemented by these third parties or on their respective digital platforms.


Engagement and dialogue concerning our Privacy Policy and the stewardship of personal data are encouraged and welcomed by Gifty Experiences, Inc. Should you have any inquiries, concerns, or input pertaining to the aforementioned topics, you are invited to communicate with us via email at As a measure of safeguarding your privacy and security, we may perform necessary identity verification procedures before addressing your request, ensuring that the credentials utilized for the correspondence are congruent with the data retained in our records.