You won’t believe how
fast and easy it is.

Just set your budget and select experiences—we’ll take care of everything else.

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Step 1

Set your budget

Enter a budget per recipient.

Step One

Step 2

Curate a set of experiences

Choose from Bondly’s premade experience Collections or create your own.

Step Two

Step 3

Send your gifts

All you need are recipients’ emails.

Step ThreeStep Three

Step 4

Recipients choose exactly what they want

Recipients choose their favorite experience from your Collection and book directly.

Step FourStep FourStep Four

Step 5

Track your gifts

Get real-time updates on who’s accepted or booked your gifts.

Step Five

Don’t pay for unclaimed gifts

For any gifts that go unclaimed, we’ll refund the gift in Bondly credit.

Step FiveStep FiveStep Five